Provide instant project oversight and motivate your team to get work completed on time

A Sample Project HQ Board

Complete oversight: Your control centre for all projects

A Sample ‘Meemo’

Collaboration: Your message centre for all communication

  • Team members connect around a particular task or topic
  • Instant messaging communication
  • Share documents to make work easier
  • Store files & questions to create a company knowledge library

Try These Features Out Now

What else can you do with Meemo?

Meemo makes work easier and your team more productive:

  • Carefully control access to info - with both public & private boards
  • Direct notifications & mentions for team members - using @membername
  • Update others & stay informed easily – with email notifications
  • Copy & paste Adobe image files - for design work & specs
  • Simple drag & drop functionality – easy to work with files
  • Share & store files, make notes & post questions - create a knowledge library
  • Annotate PDFs, PPTs & Word files - with comments, suggestions & corrections
  • Know when a message has been read – no excuses!

PLUS - All your favourite apps in one place:

You can integrate all of the following with Meemo:

  • Google Calendar
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
Google Calendar

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