How Are Businesses Using Meemo?

Maybe you’ll find a great idea or two…

Project Oversight HQ

Complete oversight: Your control centre for all projects

In a single screenshot, quickly understand the status of all high-level objectives and projects in the company: identify progress and quickly remedy where there are blockages, add updates, communicate seamlessly with team members through ‘Meemos’, and customise the board’s appearance.

4 ways to use project oversight boards…

Campaign HQ

Marketing for all the team to share in…

Marketing affects everyone in the company – and everyone from product development to sales needs to understand progress.

Use this customisable board to create a product knowledge library and to communicate progress with the marketing team and the rest of the company – allowing relevant parties to find the info they need and ask questions.

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Customer HQ

Improve customer management across the board!

One simple way to improve account management is to increase the visibility of customer successes and customer problems across the whole company.

Track everything that is happening with different levels of customers, identifying problems, enhancing communication, and improving retention.

Scrum HQ

Manage scrum sprints for agile development

Meemo is flexible enough to offer boards that assist with agile project development, through the effective management of sprints.

Each has a new section, with each stage easily assigned and progress through each step easily documented and viewed. Customise the board to colour, position, and store old sprints.

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Client Project HQ

Manage client service projects from a central board

If you provide specific service projects for clients, you can use Meemo to document, keep track of, and communicate progress on these projects..

Create a board for each client and assign weekly tasks to team members to keep each project on target.

Share goals

When you want transparency on your KPI

A nice way some companies found to share goals and drive everyone to reach them.

Since every update is pushed to subscribers, this is another great way to celebrate your achievements with everyone.


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